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TOKA a.s., established in 1994, designs and manufactures solutions dedicated to the office living, improving experiences in workplaces. 

For over 26 years we have been growing and nowadays we are a part of worldwide group that covers more than 200 employees and more than 100 dealers. Our mission is offering the best service to our customers with high quality products, respecting both environment and people. All our solutions aim not only to create excellence, but also to achieve comfort for the final user, in order to improve the lifestyle of employees like us, who use to spend every day in the office.


According to the definition appeared in the report «Our Common Future» published in 1987 by the World Commission on Environment and Development (Bruntland Committee), eco-friendly developmentmeets the needs of the present without compromising the future generations resources”. The concept of sustainability is connected to the compatibility between development of business activities and environmental safeguard. Our first goal is to realize an economic development in the total respect of the environment. The path for achieving sustainability, as summarized in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, represents a challenge that involves welfare, social and right to work in order to create a system that generates fair and democratic conditions supported by ethic and human thinking.


Our products are tested by CATAS, that guarantees their quality according to the regulation. Quadrifoglio Group is also certified by Office Excellence, that guarantees the quality of its products. This certification is very important for our French customers.



EPA - Environment Protection Agency has adopted the regulation about the formaldehyde emission of composite wood products. This regulation, coming from the US, foresees formaldehyde emission limits set by the CARB “California Air Resources Board”. Quadrifoglio is going to adapt its internal standards in order to achieve both an extremely high level of products quality and an environment protection.


The company has spontaneously decided to use the ecological panel for its production. It is a unique panel in the world that is used just in the furniture industry, made of 100% recycled wood, basically no tree has been fallen for its production. Furthermore, thanks to advanced technologies, it also respects the formaldehyde emission levels of the current legislation.

EVERY DAY 10.000 trees are saved thanks to the responsible use of these ecological panels



The company uses an efficient waste recycling system that aims to complete disposal of each component. Thanks to a well-organized internal network, TOKA a.s. is able to guarantee a totally trackable and registered disposal service, disposing of both civil and industrial waste: PLASTIC, GLASS, PAPER, POLYSTYRENE FOAM, PACKAGING, IRON/STEEL, DANGEROUS WASTE, SHAVINGS, SAWDUST.


The disposal of shavings resulting from production waste, is given to specialized companies, that transform them in new panels, through special technologies. In addition, sawdust waste produced in our company is properly disposed by another specialized company that use them as fuel.


Through research and development we are trying to move from a linear to a circular production model. This is possible thanks to some initiatives that we are testing, in order to guarantee the efficient disposal of every component of our products at the end of the production cycle. It is possible to recycle the 100% of our items, with a low environmental impact. For example we collaborate with Valdelia in France.


The production site and the new headquarters are equipped with a cutting-edge LED lighting system which allows considerable saving in electrical energy (almost 80% compared with the traditional fluo lamps). All lights are equipped with photo-sensors that come into operation when people come into a room and automatically adjust according to the intensity of the environment light. The entire electrical lighting system is controlled by domotics (KNX) that allows switching on and off.


In order to reduce the excessive consumption of plastic bottles by employees and visitors. We’re going to introduce a refill distribution system giving a personal aluminium bottle to all employees. Moreover, coffee and water dispensers will have plastic-free recycled paper cups to reduce the waste of this crushing material. In Europe 46 billion plastic bottles are consumed every year, in Italy 8 billion and about 16 billion coffee cups. Numbers that speak for themselves! We decided to start with small actions!


The company’s purpose is not only to produce quality products and to respect the environment, but also to guarantee the safety of all collaborators, who spend their time for these goals every single day.



Quadrifoglio Group is Ohsas 18001:2007 certificated

OHSAS 18001:2007 is a standard for the management of workers’ health and safety, defined for achieving an efficient system for risks prevention, allowing companies to carry out a responsible risk control and to constantly increase safety and health in the workplaces.


Every day we hear talking about welfare more and more, but do we really know its meaning? Company Welfare is the totally of initiatives that improve the well-being and health of its collaborators and their families. This new system of compensation is become essential in every working environment.

Quadrifoglio Group believes in its employees and human resources, for this reason it provides professional courses and training for its employees in order to be competitive for the economic market that surrounds us.


The Family-Work balance is a system that consider family needs like parental leave, solutions for children and elderly care and the development of a working environment that support this balance. Therefore we have created special incentives with regard to parental-leave, health and dental services, the management of severance package by protected funds and contractual incentives that guarantee some benefits upon the achievement of defined purposes.


Quadrifoglio strongly believes in human resources and renewal of talents by including young and competent employees to maintain and increase the strengthening of the entire company.

For this reason, the average age of the company is much lower than the national average.


When you believe a in your own work you also believe a lot in the local and human situations that surround you. For this reason Quadrifoglio invests and collaborates with different social and cultural situations.