The justWINE company imports exclusive wines from Romanian, French, Italian or Moravian vineyards to Brno. He mainly presents them in his stylish wine bars. The newest one, in Dvořák Street, was created in collaboration with us. We decided to create a clean and simple, but at the same time cozy space, in which lovers of adjectival wines will also get an adjectival feeling from their consumption. That is also why the hanging narrow and tall lamps resemble inverted glasses, and the yellowish light is inspired not only by the atmosphere of early evening relaxation, muffled conversation on a pleasant date, but also by the color of prosecco. In other words, drinks, which the third justWINE in Brno specializes in. When preparing the concept, we listened to the investor’s wish to create a trendy and elegant place that, with its environment, would connect to already functioning wine bars. However, we dealt not only with the appearance of the interior itself, but also with the construction side of the project – including the floor, walls, electrical installation, including lighting with a change in light intensity, as well as the acoustics and sound system of the entire space.

Date of realization:
Content of implementation:
floor, furniture, chairs